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White Slut Teacher

Hey guys, we return again in this fresh update with more of the same things you love. Remember MRs. Henderson? Yeah the slutty teacher that was caught by her students in the yard a few updates ago. Well this time she’s making a comeback and she’s making it in force. The slutty teacher didn’t have enough last time and for this gallery of john persons comics she’s got more things planned for her ebony studs in the classroom. She’s about to get her revenge on them for what they did to her last time and for this one she’s planning some special detention with some black and white sex just for them, so you can imagine the looks on the guys’ faces when they were told that they’d have detention today.

But they soon understood when they entered the classroom to find their favorite teacher behind the desk dressed in her regular slutty outfit. As soon as detention started she locked the door and simply ordered all the guys to strip out of their clothes right on the spot. And they did it whole heartedly without any protests.

Because they knew that they were in for some sweet and nice porn session. So without any more delays sit back and enjoy the interracial fucking that commenced after hours between the horny teach and her students. And you can bet she enjoyed the experience too. So don’t forget to check back again soon like always for more great free porn comics in the next updates. We hope you enjoy  and see you next time everyone.john-persons-white-slut-teacher

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John Persons -Bridal slut

Cum inside john persons and watch this woman running into a group of black guys on her wedding day. The great master comic book artist brings you today all of the extra sketches and works that went into that episode of the comic and they’re all here just waiting for you to take a peek at the interracial taboo that went on. In the original scenario the bride was suppose to be getting felt at the altar itself by the black guys and she would be fucked right there in front of her family, friends and spouse mercilessly and hard.

But it seems that he had a change of heart and went for a more mild approach. So yeah the slutty bride was suppose to enter the great church hall in a very attractive and sexy bridal dress and the guys were suppose to reply sly things when they see her. And just about as the ring was about to be placed on her finger, a black guy would object to the marriage by saying it and brushing his big black cock on the bride’s legs in this awesome art gallery.

And after that she’d be very intrigued, and let herself wholeheartedly to be fucked by the giant black meat rods of the guys. Because you know white sluts love big black cocks. And she would take the pounding as stated before right in front of a large audience that would have been able to see every dirty moment of her screaming in pleasure and orgasmic from the thorough dicking she’d get. So without further due, we’ll just leave you to it, to enjoy what could have been the next number in this lady’s comic JohnPersons update. It’s still really good but we say that it’s a bit over the top.


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Black and white sex

Black and white sex is what johnpersons offers you for today. This buxom blonde angel services a gym filled with sweaty black hot boxers while her partner is knocked out. And that’s just what he deserves for bragging to have a killer right hook. It all started earlier in the day when he bragged to his coach which was also his girlfriend, that he can’t be beaten so easily by a heavyweight , even though he was super light weight. The lady in question is tall woman with fair blonde hair and a perfectly chiseled body in these comics.

So he said that he’d have no problems standing up to a real heavyweight as he was really confident on his speed to move around the ring. So he felt up for the challenge to take on a heavyweight. Even though the lady opposed to the idea, as all he needs is one punch from a big guy and he’d be out cold but he would not have any of that. He went ahead and challenged the biggest guy in the training area. A big black man with a ton of muscles. The guy dismissed him at first and then got annoyed. So he said, “Fine but only if we bet something on it”.

The guy asked what could he bet he didn’t really have cash, but the black man said they’d figure something out at the end, all the while he was eyeing his beautiful girlfriend for some interracial taboo sex . And surely enough she understood what that meant. If her bf lost she’d be his. And surely enough, with one punch her man was down and the big black guy came to claim what was his. So he just ripped her clothes off and made her suck his humongous cock. Afterwards he picked her up and placed her over his big dick. In the end she received a very thorough and hard style dicking , which she seemed to love. Who needs that loser ex boyfriend of hers anyway. Enjoy this free John Persons gallery!


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John Persons galleries – Sissy Boy

Check out these John Persons galleries and enjoy as this sissy boy gets shagged by a playground filled with blacks. Well technically speaking the dude is actually a she. She thought it would be a great idea to disguise herself as a male athlete to be able to take a jog in peace. But the clothes she wore seemed to fit a bit tight. But little did she know that the guys on the court were bi and into both guys and women. So in this episode you get to see him…err her having to deal with three very horny black guys that pack some killer pieces of cock in their shorts. Which you know won’t end well for her….well actually it depends on you perspective actually.

They had no problems flanking the flat chested tranny knock off and overpowering her. After a while she relented and thought she’d get off more easy if they’d just get their blowjob and be done. But the guys had even more planned for this petite beauty. And after they blew their loads in her mouth and on her face, they were surprised that the he wasn’t packing any cock in the pants. Which made the thing even more nice as they’d get to stick some of their big black cocks in a white lady as they do with other white sluts. So without further due, just enjoy this black and white sex scene and have fun everyone. Until next time, enjoy!


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John Persons Comics – Club Slut

Check out these great john persons comics and watch this wife going out to a sexy club in search of perverted black men to show her a good time. But little did the poor white guy know that this wasn’t an your ordinary dance club. It was frequently visited by horny black men with incredibly huge cocks that were always ready to get some fine ass bitches inside to fuck them. And they were never in short supply, because you see, when they come ones in there, they never go anywhere else for clubbing if you know what we mean.

As soon as they reached the waiting line, the huge bouncer at the door granted entry only to the lovely lady while her man was to wait for a bit longer. She told him she’d wait for him inside, but as you know in every John’s comics that’s not what’s going to happen. So as soon as she stepped in she caught the eyes of the horny men with her perfectly rounded ass and tits. And in no time she had a plethora of black studs eyeing her and hitting on her. And even though at first she was reluctant, she kind of got into their innuendos regarding some interracial JohnPersons sex.

And surely enough it didn’t take long for her to lose all of her clothes and have huge black man meats stuffed in her mouth. So watch as this blonde slut gets fucked in these fresh comics, and watch her as she gets to scream in pleasure as her holes are getting stretched. Until next time everyone.


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Her first black experience

Today’s update features this superb housewife getting down and dirty with some nigga’ cock. She is the co- coach of a American Football team and since the ladies shower was out of order, she had to go to the men’s room after the big event blew off. Well you could say she was about to get what she deserves by going into the men’s shower in these john persons galleries as not long passes until the other coach, who is a black man packing a giant cock makes his entry into the shower too.

Since she was alone he asked her what she was doing and she asked for forgiveness but for some reason she couldn’t take her eyes off of the coaches’ humongous meat rod. Amazed he asked her if she’d ever seen a cock as big as that to which she replied no, and with that the lucky black guy knew he was in for some nice interracial taboo sex with her

.For starters she got on her knees and started blowing on that huge cock like she’d never sucked cock that tasted so good before. The guy was very pleased with her, and after she did such an awesome job how could he not reward her efforts by taking his turn to fuck today’s lucky lady from the plethora of white sluts he got to fuck so far. So without further due, sit back, relax and enjoy her pussy being torn apart by the man’s huge dick in this superb black and white sex update. Bye bye and be sure to check back again soon for more. until next time everyone.


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John Persons – Hentai Art

Check out this john persons hentai art scene and watch as this poor babe Amy, that just turned 18, gets fucked in all her holes. Anyway, she just love sucking cock. The sexy teen in this update got into an heated argument with two black guys in the street and she’s very quick with her temper, and really wanted to show them a piece of her mind. Thing is these guys aren’t some upper class stuck up gentlemen. And they have no need to listen to the bickering of white sluts.

And to teach her a lesson tight then and there they just put her on ehr knees and stuffed her loud mouth with their huge cocks. And it seems that that did the trick, since she couldn’t criticize them anymore. And boy did her mouth feel good on their huge black cocks in this update. They fucked and fucked her face until they couldn’t go on any more and just shot their humongous loads in her throat. And seems like she enjoyed the taste of the salty serum.

So without further due, enjoy this gallery update , and watch as the two guys get done with her tight pussy they put her on their shoulders and take her to their home to continue the fucking. And you will get to see her fucked in her pussy and ass all over their place in all kinds of positions even some nice [black and white sex positions that you have never seen before. We hope you enjoy this update and expect us soon again with more. Bye bye everyone.


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Hot Shower

Hot, this next John Persons scene is hot, of course! This happy couple decided they deserve some relaxation so they jumped in the shower together. With a cock like that how could keep their hands off of it? So she started stroking it and she went so rough that he just couldn’t take it anymore and cummed all over her. Check it out! And again since we had no more room in our last jphn persons comics episode, we bring you today’s continuation. As the slutty wife gets around to having more of Coach Black’s giant meat rod.

For this one he gets to stick his dick into her tight mature pussy to stretch it nice and wide. And you bet your ass off that this sensual blonde was waiting for this moment from the minute she started sucking his cock a few minutes ago. So now that his big dick was all nice and clean it was time for her to be penetrated by it in this interracial taboo sex scene. His cock slowly made it’s way to her wet cunt and testing the terrain her prodded and prodded a bit, until with one good thrust he was half way with his cock in her snatch.

So don’t wait any longer enjoy this blonde slut as she gets to work on that cock with her pussy, and see her turn into one of the many white sluts that crave this coach’s giant man meat. We hope you enjoy and be sure we’ll be back with more soon. Until  then we will just leave this with you and you alone. And you know that our special weekly updates with John’s galleries are always perfect. Enjoy everyone, bye!


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JohnPersons – Barn Fucking

Check out this JohnPersons farm edition gallery. This slutty blonde was enjoying her weekend at her farm, when she noticed this smoking hot stud working around the barn. She didn’t think twice and took him in the barn and made him work even harder, but this time on her wet eager pussy. He started to stretch her tight holes one by one, while squeezing her delicious impressive knockers. Check out this continuation to one of our first comic episodes that we had here. In this update the sexy Buxom Ladies take more man meat in their eager cunts as their black man is always happy to serve those to superb pussies anytime.

Enjoy seeing the more mature one of the two as she demonstrated the proper way to riding dark meat. And if you’re not careful you might end up hurting yourself. And in this porn update she does one hell of a job at it too as she rides his big cock until he’s ready to blow his gigantic load inside of her tight pussy. She soon switches with her friend who couldn’t be more eager to get her turn on riding the guy. Suffice to say that the interracial taboo sex that transpired between the three was great and none of them felt dissatisfied by it.

Until next time, we hope you enjoy this great update, and like always come back regularly to check for new updates. You never know when some will be up. We hope you had fun and we expect to see you again next time. Bye bye everyone and enjoy!


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Blonde Teen with tight ass and eager wet pussy

John Persons always wants to surprise you guys and this time he thought you might enjoy three studs pleasing this blonde slut. She was just bagging for some hardcore activities and the guys took care of her needs. They started taking turns in stretching her wet eager pussy, continuing with her tight butthole. And of course cumming all over her perfectly round ass. Seems that today wasn’t a very good idea to take wrong turn home as this fucking scene made our update. The poor blonde found herself flanked by a pack of about three or four big burly black guys with cocks the size of her arm.

So as always, the guys present their cocks to be sucked one after the other, as they need to be moisturized for what’s about to come next. A few of the guys took the super hot interracial blowjob a bit too lightly and they ended up blowing their loads in the pretty blonde’s sweet mouth and throat. And at this point, honestly she was actually grateful not to have even more cocks fucking and cumming in her ass and pussy for what was about to come next. And you know what will,as all the white sluts get to learn when surrounded by so many black males.

So watch her ass get penetrated deep and hard after the guys carefully pull aside her tight panties to reveal her tight ass and eager wet pussy. And she’s just so wet, that it seems she’s actually starting to look forward to the hard fucking. Well at least her pussy is. Enjoy this interracial taboo sex scene and come back again soon for more everyone!


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