Halloween Edition

Here it is! The latest John Persons gallery, the Halloween edition. This poor babe arrived at these studs place wearing a red riding hood costume and the guys decided they should also play a role in her story. So the bad wolfs invited her in their house and changed a bit the story; they started taking turns on stretching Red Riding Hood’s tight ass and pussy. The superb brunette sure got herself in some  deep trouble with these guys when she decided to wear that skimpy red riding hood outfit to the Halloween party.

When she first entered the room she attracted quite some attention to herself and that sexy outfit of hers. And the guys just started to gravitate around her afterwards. She was mostly intrigued by three ebony guys that kept making passes at her the whole night. For these free comics they keep telling her that she has some fine piece of ass and it would be a shame to just let that go to waste on some puny white cocks at this party. And slowly but surely she starts to get into it agreeing with them.

So watch this art gallery and enjoy the popper dicking that the white brunette is about to get delivered to her tight pussy. They do everything to her from double penetration to sticking their huge cocks at the same time in her pussy for some great times. And that’s about if for this week and for this update. See you next time everyone and be sure to check back soon for more. Enjoy and have fun.


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John Persons – Stroking and Sucking

I’m sure you like what you’re you seeing, but let me share with you guys some details about this John Persons episode. This poor chick was home alone and had a little problem with her bath installation so she called a plumber to fix the problem, but she didn’t have any money to pay her so she got on her knees and started sucking his huge tool and didn’t stop until he cummed all over her hot body. Check it out as she has to use some non conventional paying methods to pay her bill in this gallery. The repair man just told her that she’d need to get on her knees and start sucking if she wants him to leave the installation repaired. So she did. and she sure was surprised by the giant cock that was standing in front of her now. So grabbing with both hands she started linking and slurping on his cock in this interracial taboo sex scene.

She gave such good head that the black guy though he’d go crazy soon if he didn’t came. Seems she had some practice on her other black neighbors regularly a few times a week. So without further due watch him fuck her throat with his big black cock for this john persons free gallery. And watch him thoroughly and firmly stretch this white slut’s ass with his giant man meat. Until next time we hope you enjoy and we hope to be back next week with more awesome updates. Buh bye, see you soon and don’t forget we’re always here to deliver to your need for big black cock cartoon porn!


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Double Penetrated

This poor chick got what she deserved in this new John Persons episode. She got these ripped studs angry, so they took off all their anger on her tight holes. She thought she would take care of one cock at a time, but the guys sure don’t like waiting, so they started stuffing her tight holes all in the same time. So for another week we have yet another super hot and sexy white lady taking a big black cock pussy pounding from a couple of guys in this interracial gallery update.

You could say she kind of got involved with the wrong crowd the moment she decided to go out partying tonight at a house down the street. Well she lives in a black neighborhood and you know that horny white sluts always love big black cocks. So she put on a sexy and revealing outfit and practically left through the front door prancing. She was going to get lucky tonight, but what she didn’t know is that she would be getting into some hard core double fucking in this interracial taboo sex session.

So without further due, take a good look at this cock hungry slut as she gets herself between three black guys and their humongous cocks. Well don’t worry there was enough of her to go around so she had every hole she had filled with big black cocks. So enjoy this black and white sex scene with this pretty woman trying to please three big cocks. We hope you enjoy and we can’t wait to bring you the next update. We’ll know for sure that you’ll absolutely love it. Byeee!


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JohnPersons – Riding like a champ

JohnPersons got something special for you guys. This ripped stud with his bull cock is ready to stretch some tight pussies and that’s what he got. This slutty lawyer was sick of her man and needed some to take care of her eager pussy and his tool was the perfect answer. She spread her legs wide open and shoved his tool in her tight pussy, stretching it to the limits. Check it out as the big black man fucks her tight holes in this art update. She was suppose to be his representative in court for his hearing but like stated before she kind of had other plans.

When she saw him her first reaction was to wonder how big was his cock. And since the two were all alone she just straight up asked him, to which he replied, “ Well would you like to see?” and he pulled his pants down. And you know john always outdoes himself with his art an this time it’s no different. So they started kissing passionately in her office while taking each others clothes off. The guy couldn’t believe how perfect the body of this superb blonde lady with glasses was and he got hard faster than you could snap your fingers. And with that they both knew they were in for some nice black and white sex times.

You just have to see her take all of his big black cock in her tight and wet pussy. And since this was a first for her she felt really good. She thought she’d go crazy, as her man never fucked her this good at home. And you know what, she’s one lucky woman, as the two are set to meet up again next week, cuz you know, there’s still more than enough time until the hearings.


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JohnPersons – Pleasing black cocks

Here you have another JohnPersons all black edition. These three studs found this babe and thought they might use her later that day. So before you know it she was on her knees with three huge cocks in front of her and didn’t knew were to begin. So one of the guys helped her out and shoved his huge cock in her eager mouth, while she was stroking another one in this gallery. Check her out in this awesome and new update.

The lady in question is a known journalist and she’s been called to a drug bust. Well there were no drugs but there were three black guys which were pretty pissed for the fact that the police disturbed their fuck session with some white sluts and the ladies ran away. And the media was there too. So since they really wanted to get to fuck some pussy the three guys decided to go for the next best thing. Namely the blonde journalist lady which was rummaging around for answers.

So they had her on her knees to suck some black cock in this porn John Persons gallery on live TV. She admitted that she always wanted to sample some chocolate cock and hey, if she would be out of a job for this at least she’d know she’d be able to get into the porn industry. So watch her use her juicy lips to wet the cocks of the three huge black gentlemen. And you can be sure that she was in for a deep fucking too after the blowjobs. So without further due, enjoy this lady’s sex session and don’t forget we’re always here to deliver you the best porn comics you can find. Until next time, we hope you enjoy!


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Slutty Secretary

John Persons returned with another hot and exclusive episode. This time we have a slutty secretary that desperately needs a rise and she’s willing to do everything to obtain it. So she went on her knees, grabbed her boss’s thick tool and started sucking it, till he cummed all over her pretty face. Check her out! and watch her slurp on that nigga’ cock in this episode. Her employer is always in need of something and regularly he enjoys getting this sexy vixen’s ass ad pussy for himself too. Well it’s not really part of her job, but she really enjoys doing it. It all started a few years back when she started to work for him and he called her in his office for the first time. Yes they did engage in some black and white sex fucking , but she didn’t know that.

He called her in just to talk and he kept detailing his problems with his wife and what not. She didn’t understand why he was giving her this many details but soon she knew. So she just asked, why don’t we forget about your wife and I try to please that giant meat pole if she doesn’t know what she’s doing. And the black boss couldn’t be more overjoyed to hear those words from her. So he presented her with his giant cock in order for her to get sucking. And her juicy lips did an awesome job for this lucky guy. And he got to shoot his sperm load inside his slutty secretary’s mouth too for that one. So without further due enjoy this porn update and we’ll let you see what transpired this time between the two lovebirds. Until next time!


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Cock Sucking Expert

John Persons brought the most talented cock sucking slut in the business to please your every desire. She got to please, of course, a thick huge tool. This stud isn’t fooling around and grabbed her upside down and shoved his monster tool in her filthy mouth. And he didn’t let her down until he cummed all over her pretty face. Enjoy! And well, we’re pretty sure you remember the blonde from our previous comic updates that managed to find herself in the wrong side of town taking her walk. Well to refresh your memory just in case, she found herself flanked by a couple of horny black men all ready with their cocks out for her to suck on. And when we left she was just about to get done. But one of the guys, just picked her up and turned her upside down to get a smell and taste of that juicy whit pussy of hers in this interracial taboo fucking.

In the beginning she wasn’t too into it and was kind of reluctant to get her mouth wrapped around his big black cock. But as soon as his expert tongue made contact with her eager and now wet pussy, she changed her mind completely as she felt really good after that. So se started to work that cock harder and harder, to keep up the pace with the guy working hard on her pussy. So just enjoy this update and we should be back again with more soon. Until then we’re sure you’re going to enjoy this update. Bye bye and see you soon with the next awesome taboo art episode of your favorite series.


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John Persons – Horny Black Studs

Watch here our latest John Persons exclusive episode. He’s here with new black and blonde hot scenes. These hot studs needed someone to please their enormous cocks and where do you find the most talented sluts if not at a strip club? They took this hot blonde slut at their place and shoved their tools one at a time in her filthy mouth, covering her with creamy loads of cum. Enjoy this  episode as the horny Buxom ladies return. Ad they’re more eager than ever to wrap their mouths around big black cocks in this one.

As they say, the more the merrier right? well it sure was a good day for everyone involved in this super hot sex scene with just the two ladies being fucked by many black males for this interracial update. The focus for this one gallery is on the one with the tied up hair, as she seems to be the sluttiest of the two. And she gets right between three of the guys and kneels, so they can all gently smack their cocks on her pretty face, while she’s begging to let her suck their cocks and fuck her pussy.

So watch her as she works hard on two of the cocks in this free update, and the other fucks her tight eager pussy balls deep. Which is saying something about how deep her pussy can get, since you know the sizes of the guys that regularly appear in these updates. So without further due enjoy the barn fucking continue with the super sexy Buxom Ladies and watch them get thoroughly fucked in this awesome update. Good bye!


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Once you go black …

As we promised you last week, today John Persons brought another slutty blonde that didn’t want to share her cock with no one. She didn’t everything that hot studs asked her to do. First she went on her knees and shoved the huge tool in her mouth, then she bent over and she let him stretch her tight holes, first her eager pussy and after her tight butthole. Check out these cartoons featuring this slutty cheer leader. She made a bet with this black guy that if their team would win, she’d turn over her tight pussy for his big black cock to fuck.

And surely enough they won. So now it was time for her to face the facts and pay up her debt upfront. And the payment had to be pussy, ass and lips. She was kind of scared but eager at the same time while waiting for him in the locker room and when he entered she couldn’t really find her words. Well that was because he had his pants already around his knees and she saw his humongous cock just hanging.

Without further due, watch as the guy turns her on with some sensual kisses and then presents his man meat for her to moisturize for the interracial taboo so it would go deeper and more smoothly. She did a great job of sucking on it, as when he started to penetrate her tight little ass it went in smoothly. Though midway in the fucking the guy told her he’d be going deeper to which she was surprised and feared that he’d split her pussy open. He replied he wasn’t even half way in, but when he did go deeper, she really enjoyed the balls deep fucking she got and started to moan in pleasure. So until next time enjoy everyone, we’ll be back soon with more free updates, like always.


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Farm episode

Check  out the latest John Persons farm episode. These slutty blondes were having a good time with this ripped stud, when a group of five dudes disturbed them and asked if they could join the party. Of course the blondes sluts were more then pleased with their current situation. They’ve started sucking and fucking all over the place. We would also like to make something clear for this update. We may have forgot to add it before the last episode. So yeah here’s the filler, sorry everyone. But we’re sure that you’ll be happy to see it just as much as the other ones.

So from where we left off the Buxom ladies were just about done with their captive after he’d thoroughly fucked both their pussies and asses. But just as the ladies were doing the finishing job of cleaning that guy’s big black cock of the leftover cum, the barn doors swung open to reveal five more eager black men with their cocks all primed and ready to fuck the two white sluts. The ladies just invited them in to show off their tools to them for an extension for their wild fuck session to which they couldn’t say no.

Watch the two as they get surrounded by half a dozen big black dicks and they start working in detail on each and every one of them. They don’t want any of their men to feel unattended. So just look at them deep throating those big black rods in this free comic johnpersons update and have fun watching them getting covered in warm sticky jizz. And since they’ve been good and finished all of their man juice from everyone it was about time for their pussies to get the next treatment. Enjoy!


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John Persons – Extreme Gangbang

Another  John Persons episode is here, this time it’s one of the hardcore one’s you’ll find around here. This slutty blonde started complaining that she didn’t have enough action. So some friends of her decided to help her out. When she saw all those ripped studs with their enormous tools waiting for her she didn’t knew how to react. She was bent over and they took turns on stretching her tight holes one by one, while she was sucking one tool at a time. Enjoy as the Buxom ladies make another return in this superb update. Well last time you saw them working hard on those big black cocks with just their mouths and now it was time to present their pussies and asses.

One of them was just about to be done getting fucked while sucking on two of the giant cocks. The guy fucking her pussy wasn’t finished with her yet though.  Next he wanted to feel his man meat rubbing deep in her ass and told the rest to keep her busy while he primes her ass with his tongue to slide it in easier for the black and white sex. She’d never had anal sex before and this time was to be her first time. Yup she’d be losing her anal virginity to a big black cock. so don’t wait any longer, take a look these galleries and enjoy seeing the blonde beauty getting a proper dicking while she’s giving multiple blowjobs. You can be sure she enjoys it, and the cock up her ass? that felt even better. See you soon guys and don’t forget to check out our next week’s interracial update.


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Farm Fuck

Another exclusive John Persons episode is here for you guys. These slutty babes just couldn’t wait to ride a hard bull cock and that’s what they’ve got. These hot babes waited for him in a barn, wearing only their hot lingerie. When he arrived they’ve jumped right to business and started stretching their tight holes one by one. Enjoy as this time is the other one of the two white sluts turn to ride the big black man meat. She does warn him that she didn’t do this sort of thing before and that she never had a real man fuck her tight wet pussy. So the guy primes her ass real nice all the while she’s getting reassuring thoughts from her best friend that tells her she’d be in for one wild ride.

And soon the fucking commences as the slut never felt this good in having a cock pound her pussy that good. So watch her as she gets really into it and asks for a more faster and harder fucking while her friend masturbates in front of them feeling really horny. You can be sure that this is one of the best updates that we had thus far here. And be sure to check out the others too. We would also like to note that we’ll be away for a while so next week we may be missing an update. But be sure that more interracial taboo sex is on the way afterwards in some more awesome galleries. Until next time, enjoy and have fun with these pictures everyone. Bye!


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Naughty Nurse

This poor guy desperately need a control and this was his lucky day, because he stumble upon this slutty nurse. In this fresh John Persons episode this horny studs receives one hell of a treatment. First she grabbed his monster tool out of his pants and started jerking off his fat tool, taking it in her filthy mouth and cleaning it. And she just couldn’t stop he cummed all over her impressive knockers. This slutty nurse has a habit to sleep with her patients making for some nice JohnPersons porn scenes. She’s not been in the hospital for long since she always left her other posts on mysterious circumstances. And the details of that luscious mystery will be revealed in today’s fresh update.

Turns out that this brown haired woman can’t help but to be intrigued by big cocks of black males and she just can’t help having her slutty little hands all over a big chocolate cock. Today’s galleries features her getting a fresh black guy in order to get his full physical examination. The moment he walked in through the door she knew she’d have on her hands her favorite thing to play with. Namely some big juicy black meat. So she asked the guy to strip his pants down.

Which he unreluctantly did, revealing his enormous black cock that was already standing erect at the size of her tits half way out of her white lab coat. She saw this and straight out asked him if he’d like to place his big cock between her bug soft breasts. The guy was so excited he just nodded and the sexy nurse just placed his giant cock between her tits mad started making a back and fourth motion. So without further due, enjoy these free comics and the lucky guy as he gets to titty fuck the short haired beauty in this update.


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John Persons – Street Fuck

This John Persons episode is straight from the street. This gorgeous babe noticed she was followed by two black studs for a couple of blocks, but when they came closer she expected to her robbed. Well things didn’t went as she wanted, instead they took her in back alee and started to stretch her tight holes. They’ve bent her over and one of them shoved this huge tool in her eager mouth, while the other gave her a rough pussy pounding. Enjoy this interracial taboo gallery as this politician look alike gets gang banged on the side of the streets.

A pair of black men mistake her for a well known political figure while she’s just a librarian. A sexy and hot one , but still. So the guys pull her panties down while kissing her and they reveal their huge man meat to her. She gets put on her knees to get to some nice cock sucking rather sooner than later. And amazingly she does a great job at the black and white sex too. You wouldn’t say that though if you’d see her normally on the streets. You’d just take her for a normal nerdy girl that just looks really hot.

So without further due, enjoy this super sexy brown haired lady as she gets bent over to suck more cock and take some hard style pussy punishment. And she really enjoyed being fucked in that doggie stile position. As the guys came in her pussy and all over her face and hot body she also orgasmed and squirted. Until the next update we hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check back soon for more free galleries.


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Sisters sharing a bull cock

Just look at these slutty blondes working so hard to please that enormous cock. They started bragging with their sucking skills, but they didn’t knew what they’ve got in to. When the ripped stud showed his monster bull cock, these poor babe didn’t knew were to started. They went on their knees and grabbed the huge tool with their tiny hands and started sucking it till he just couldn’t take it and cummed all over their huge jugs. Check it out as the known Buxom ladies return for this JohnPersons cartoons episode.

They are all over their man servant’s big black cock and they’re not doing such a bad job at sucking him off either. And you know he’s enjoying every moment of the double blowjob that these two beauties deliver. The two are simply astonished at the size of his big black pole all the while they are making it nice and slippery for this interracial sex scene.

If only he’d be able to be free of the binds that the two women put on him. He’d show them the time of their lives with his huge tool. And wouldn’t you know it, the two crazy ladies eventually untie him and he’s really happy to get to fuck those tight cunts. These two white sluts are really cock hungry and they show it as they’re anxious to take turns having that cock plunged deep inside their pussies. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the super hot FFM action that’s about to unfold in this awesome update. Have fun everyone and see you next time with more.


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JohnPersons – Wet and Wild

JohnPersons is here with a wet and wild gallery. This gorgeous babe has an amazing body with some delicious curves, impressive knockers and a eager wet pussy. She was taking a relaxing bath when she begun getting hornier and hornier. So she spread her beautiful long legs wide open and slipped her fingers in her wet pussy, going deeper and deeper, while she gently massaged her delicious juggs. Check her out as she’s taking a hot and steamy bubble bath in this superb john persons update today. This brown haired beauty ahs a killer body with a pair of big and round tits and her pussy? Just heavenly. This day she felt a little stressed out from work and to unwind she started the hot water and let the bathtub fill in order to have some quality alone time and relax.

So just sit back, relax, and watch this beautiful woman as she takes her relaxing bath completely naked. It doesn’t take long for her to feel really turned on and she starts to massage her body with her experienced hands, after all she knows her body the best and what it likes. She starts to gently rub her big breasts and is careful to fondle them good before she’s ready to move on. As she makes her way down south she’s really getting into the hang of things now. As she’s feeling more and more eager to get her hands on her horny cunt. She slowly but surely massages her crotch before inserting her fingers in her pussy for her pleasure session. And she keeps going as she works up speed and she ends up fingering her pussy hard and fast until she orgasms. Bye!


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John Persons – Cum Bath

John Persons brings you another ripped stud with an enormous tool ready to destroy some tight holes. This gorgeous slut made herself comfortable on the bed, spread her long legs wide open and let the monster tool do his magic. He started jerking off all over her covering her delicious body with creamy loads of cum. Then he started roughly pounding her eager pussy. Watch as the big titted slut gets her pussy fucked in bed by her black boyfriend in this interracial sex update. She invited him over for some nice times after the two went out for the night. They had sex together before and tonight was the big night. She was eager about the whole thing as the guy told her in  advance he’s pretty big, but she would have a surprise regarding the actual size itself.

So as soon as they entered the door she was all over the guy kissing him non stop and removing his clothes one by one until she got to unbutton his pants in this episode. And as she pulled out his cock she remained kind of speechless. It was way bigger than she never imagined and felt kind of frozen in place. He apologized, but she came to her senses back quickly and just took his humongous tool in her mouth. She was actually quite happy at the idea she’s going to be fucked by such a big cock. So after she got it nice and wet, it was time for the insertion in her cunt. And as the guy was very gentle with her, he slipped in his cock little by little to make her feel comfortable. He was soon fucking her pussy hard style, and for a great finish he pulled out his massive cock and blew his load all over her body. Enjoy this update everyone.


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John Persons – Slutty Blonde

What’s better then an exclusive John Persons threesome episode? Let me tell you..nothing! Just look at these hot babe showing off their smoking hot bodies, with some delicious curves and impressive knockers ready to get down and naughty. They sure love sharing, that’s why they decided to take care of this fat hard tool together, taking turns on sucking the bull cock. Enjoy the return of the two super hot Buxom ladies in this update. The two continue to have fun with their male boy toy that sports an incredibly large cock. So the more experienced of the two named Samantha takes her turn to show her friend how you are suppose to suck and deep throat suck a big piece of black man meat. She puts her experience on the line as she gets that rod all nice and wet for the interracial fucking that was about to follow.

After she did her job it was time for the man sporting that gigantic cock to step up and make her his. So even though her friend needed a bit of adjusting to his cock previously Sam has no problems fitting that giant monster cock right in her pussy straight from the beginning. Watch her as she takes one nice and hard style pussy pounding that makes her orgasm fast. She sure wasn’t expecting the guy’s performance to be this good today. Well extra good, because she never leaves a fucking with him dissatisfied. So until next time we’ll just leave this with you and we hope you enjoy yourselves with this art update. Have fun and check back soon for more.


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Horny Cheerleader

JohnPersons found another slutty college cheerleader that just needed a break from all. So she went in an empty office and brought her trusty friend with her. She spread her long legs wide open and shoved the monster dildo in her wet tight pussy, stretching it to the limits. But went she was having the best time, people started knocking on her door and she just couldn’t finish. And you remember the two ladies that took a bet in the last John Persons the pit update. The ones that had a race to see which one got to please a huge black cock better. Today the one with the long hair and a pretty big bust is about to get some special guests sent from her boyfriend.

The special guests in question are a pair of guys that the guy has to pay a debt to and he offered his lady for the two as a compensation today. The guys are a pair of police officers and when they come through the door she was a bit stunned but hey eventually she thought, what the heck. A big black cock is just as good as the next so she offered herself to them. So you can watch the cartoon dudes undress her fast as they can’t wait to sink those big poles in her tight holes and in her mouth. So without further due, watch this slutty blonde take a good DP pounding as one guy gets to blow his load deep inside her pussy and the other cums straight in her mouth. Until next time enjoy, and rest assured we’ll have more episodes ready for you next time. Bye everyone!


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Cock Hungry Bitch

Well, this time John didn’t brought a slutty blonde, instead you got a horny brunette ready to spread her legs for a good cause. Before you know it she was on her knees shoving that huge tool in her eager mouth and sucking it till she got covered with creamy loads of cum all over her pretty face. While she was taking care of his hard tool, she got her tight butthole finger-fucked roughly. And you remember the lady that wanted to pass as a guy on the track team a few updates back? well she’s returned today in these free John Persons comics to put her a-game on the line. Seems that the big black cock of one of the guys was in desperate need of care and she was just compelled to take care of that problem.

So watch her give a deep blowjob to the sheer delight of the guy that’s having his cock sucked by a pretty lady on the benches. As she sucks deeper and deeper she’s literally getting her throat deeply fucked in this interracial sex session. So watch her working until the guy explodes in her mouth and throat giving her all the juicy cum that she needs. And afterwards you know she was in for some good hard core sex afterwards too. As the other guys gathered around with cocks already out in order to fuck her ass and pussy. And after such a great gang bang how could everything be complete without her being covered in creamy loads of jizz all over her.


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