Anal Intensity

We thought you might enjoy a rough anal John Persons scene with this cheating whore. She was so bored of her man, so she needed to try something new and why not a huge black monster tool. She found this monster tool and took him at her place. And before you know it she was bent over the couch and let the enormous tool destroy her tight butthole. But when things were hotter, her man caught them in full action. Check it out as her annals are thoroughly stretched by that monster cock in these superb free comics today. Well what can you say. Ultimately she wanted to go clubbing, so now she has to take her fill. Her boyfriend is helpless and must watch as his woman takes a nice and deep cumshot for an anal cream pie.

The husband finally managed to get through the bathroom door to rescue his woman in this johnpersons update but unfortunately it was too late as one of the guys was already pulling out his cock from her ass which was dripping loads of cum to make room for the next dude. And he just got to sit there and watch as the lady began to moan and scream in pleasure of her butt being fucked so good until she orgasmed. What can be said. It is his fault too, he should have not agreed with her request. Oh well he’ll find another pussy to fuck as this time this slutty lady had her holes thoroughly stretched for this hentai update. Enjoy!


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John Persons – Cock Hungry Blonde

Another John Persons interracial episode is here. Just look at this gorgeous blonde with her delicious curves, impressive knockers and that wet tight pussy ready to get destroyed. She really needed some fun, that why she called her black man to please her needs. So he jumps right to business, shoving his monster tool between her delicious juggs covering them with creamy loads of cum. Check out the busty blonde as she gets called in the principal’s office to answer for her fuck times with other teachers in the university. But as the Principal scolds her and tells her she’s one mistake away from being fired, she tells him that she’s sure they could work something out.

So she pulled out her enormous breasts from inside that tight dress of hers to reveal those huge perfect round tits all ready for a big black cock to be stuck in between them. as he fucks those giant milk jugs good and hard the dude get’s a craving to stick his cock in her pussy and ass too for some nice porn. To which the blonde responds positively putting herself top down, bottoms of for him to have an easier time plunging his cock into her tight holes. And her pussy never felt so good ever before as the black meat pole easily slid inside of her wet mature pussy.She kept begging him to go harder and harder, and since he’s not one to refuse he did. So watch the blonde do a nice tit job and see her being deeply and thoroughly fucked in this awesome johnpersons gallery update. Enjoy!


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John Persons – Bull Cock

A fresh new John Persons gallery is here for you guys. I don’t what is it with all the black guys and the blonde sluts, but it sure is the perfect combination. This horny blonde was bagging for an anal pounding and that’s what she got from this ripped black stud. She bent over and let the monster tool to stretch her tight butthole destroying it. Check it out as the blonde bimbo going clubbing episode continues. This time the slutty lady goes back into the same club to get her share of her new found addiction. Big black cocks. So as she makes her way in, the bouncer just lets her enter again as by now she knows she’s become a regular here. And she happily prances around scoping black guys wondering which one to fuck.

As you know we always deliver the best hentai images in every update and this time it’s no different as the cock hungry and eager blonde finds her catch. Or rather she finds her big black meat rod to ride on for the night. She takes him to the bathroom where it all started a few days ago and simply pulls down her skimpy panties from under her revealing dress and just tells him that he knows what to do. As he pulls his giant schlong to get on with the interracial fucking, she notices he’s way bigger than the other guys before and tried to stop him before penetrating her ass. But he doesn’t listen and proceeds to plunge his cock deep in her ass. So watch this blonde slut take a proper ass fucking in today’s update. Enjoy!


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Naughty Student

John thought you might enjoy a college episode. Well this slutty blonde didn’t went to her classes and needed to be properly punished, that’s why she was called to the principal’s office. She didn’t got the punishment she expected, when she entered she saw  his monster tool ready for some hardcore stretching. So she took her punishment like a champ. Check out what happened after the busty blonde teacher left and the principal had to call in the next hentai lady to take on his cock. He heard about her failing grades, going from an A+ student to a average C. So he wanted to have a deep conversation with her about it. And boy did he. Actually he had his eyes on her for quite a while catching the rumors that this slutty teen babe was fucking with all the black guys in the university and he has a proposal for her. Well two but one involved her sucking more cocks of the black guys to get them to stop skipping classes.

The other was revealed when he took his gigantic cock out of his pants and told her to get sucking on it. That moment the blonde teen named Kitty understood that the guy also wanted to have his big black cock fuck her eager wet pussy too. So she excitedly remover her clothes in order for the man to be able to get a good long look at her perfect body curves. Like all good John Persons taboo art updates, this one begins with her sucking on the humongous cock to get it nice and slippery, so she wouldn’t have trouble sliding that giant monster in her cunt. So watch the naughty student as she’s getting a hard core pussy fucking in this one. She sure loved being disciplined this way.


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John Persons – Monster Black Tool

Another brand new John Persons update is here for you guys. This busty blonde was ready for her stretching class but she stumble upon this ripped stud and decided that stretching her holes was more important than her workout. She got  on her knees and took the monster tool in her tiny hands and started stroking it and just couldn’t stop until she was all covered with creamy loads of jizz. Well for this one the blonde teen college grad lady returns to do as her principal ordered to help her fellow black students by motivating them to come back to school with some nice johnpersons cartoons blowjobs. And she starts with the first guy today as she grabs him from the hallway and pulls him into a locker room. There she begins to take his pants off to reveal what she’s expecting to see, namely a huge black cock.

And she’s actually surprised to see one of the biggest she’d gotten to fuck these last few days. Of course the guy was overjoyed, well she didn’t tell him anything, but the moment those pants went down he understood what she was about to do to him. The interracial blowjob started with the lovely Kitty going fast and deep on his giant black pole. She slurped, licked and sucked on that cock like it was a sweet lollipop. Her juicy lips felt so good wrapped around his cock that in no time he blew his first load over her pretty face, but he wanted more. And the slutty blonde was eager to provide, as she took of her shorts to give him her pussy. If you want to see the rest of the hard style fucking of the hot blonde teen Kitty, look no further. Until next time!


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Rough Gangbang

John Persons is  here with the dirtiest babe in the business in this hot episode. She has an eager pussy that what just bagging for a rough pounding and that’s what she got. She ran into these black studs with enormous cocks that made her an offer she just couldn’t refuse. Before you know it she already at their place getting her holes roughly stretched. Check her out getting a thorough fucking in this episode while her student Kitty is is the principal’s office getting a proper disciplining and cock pounding. Her boyfriend returned today along with his two cop friends to have themselves a nice threesome with his beautiful and slutty blonde woman. And how could she say no to three perfect and big black cocks. Like all good cartoons sex scenes begin, she started by giving nice blowjobs to all of the three cocks getting them nice and wet for the fucking that was about to follow.

As she was done sucking and slurping on the cocks getting them lubricated nicely, the guys took their places and plunged their big dicks in her ass, pussy and mouth. And they went as deep as they could too. The nympho woman thought she’d go crazy from how good it feels right from the beginning as the three giant meat poles were throbbing inside her tight holes like crazy. As the fucking continued, they went harder and faster and all three of them came, blowing their loads deep inside her pussy, ass and down her throat. All the while she came allot of times until the guys themselves were done stretching out her wet holes. Enjoy these galleries everyone!


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John Persons – Teen Slut

John Persons is here with a new episode starring this teen slut and two enormous cocks ready to get sucked. She was riding her bike, when these two studs jumped on her and force her to blow their tools. Our poor teen, when she saw how big the guys are did what they’ve asked. Got on her knees and started sucking those monster tools one by one. Check her out as today she took a wrong turn on her bike and ended in the black side of town in this update. She was soon approached by a couple of black guys that started to hit on her. And at first she dismissed them, but since she’s a sexually active teen she’s also kind of intrigued by being fucked by some big black cocks in a nice interracial fuck session, as all of her friends told her the stories about black cocks.

After a while she gets into their perverted game of sexual innuendos and the guys know they landed themselves a nice pussy in tonight’s catch. They straight out take their cocks out and present them to her to start sucking. And since she’s not really experienced the guys knew they also had to teach her the proper etiquette to suck big cocks. And after a while under the directions of the two big guys she was getting more into it and better and better at slurping big black meat poles. She kept on going until the guys couldn’t resist anymore and climaxed shooting their jizz over her cute teen face and petite teen body. They were kind of spent but this teen blonde slut was just getting started with them. If you want to see the rest of this update head on inside right now and enjoy!


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Girls love black cocks

She likes big black cocks and she likes to be splashed with cum! That means that today she is going to have a blast, since she has two black cocks to play with. You need to see how she is going to remove her blouse and grab her colleague’s huge black tool and slide it between her tits, rubbing it with such a great lust. She is going to take his tool and start rubbing her nipples with it, making the poor guy ready to cum any minute now. Have a wonderful time watching this incredible John Persons fuck session and get ready to see how is this babe going to please him with her most incredible sexual lust ever.

She is even going to let him cum and spread all his warm creamy jizz all over her rounded boobies and all over her mouth. You will be shocked to see how her boyfriend will bump into their office and he will catch these two in such an incredible situation. See what else is going to happen and get ready to see what other things are about to be revealed. Enjoy each moment and get ready for something spectacular to show up. See also the most recent jiggly girls pics gallery and have a wonderful time!


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Interracial Blowjob

Hey there guys. It’s that time of the week again and that means more john person com goodies are here for you to see. It’s time to watch another issue from The Pit today and Kitty is the main star of it once more. The blonde teen babe with blue eyes and pigtails got to visit coach Black today and she caught him just as he was leaving the shower. You can bet that that was intentional as this lovely babe is just crazy about black guys with huge cocks and the coach was on her list to bang for a long time. Well, let’s take the time to watch Kitty doing just that for quite a long while with the stud and you will be able to enjoy another interracial action scene!


Anyway, watch once again as this blonde gets to put her oral skills to good use while she has the guy laying on his back on the bench in the lockers. She starts off by fondling his balls with her tongue and lips and works her way up to the tip of his hard meat. See her wrap those luscious lips around the dip of his dick and watch her start to suck slowly. Then she works her way lower and you pretty much see her deep throating that monstrosity too. Her ass and cunt got a good stretching for such a good cock sucking session as well and you need to check that out too! Bye for now and see you next week with more!

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Cheerleader Blowjob

More action here this week from and naturally it has more hardcore sex of the interracial variety as well. We haven’t seen Kitty, the daughter of miss Jenny in a while and this university gal is here to enjoy her very own one on one fuck session with a black stud after the team won a game. She promised him some good times in the locker room after the event and it seems that now she had to face up to honor the deal. To be honest, she didn’t really mind, because as you know this isn’t her first rodeo either. And she’s quite pleasantly surprised to see that he’s packing a pretty huge and thick cock too. Let’s see her in some nasty action today shall we?

When the game was done and the cheerleaders and the other jocks started to head home, the lovely little beauty Kitty, paid the guy a visit in the locker. She asks him straight up if he wants to cash in the dept right then and there, to which he responds favorably too. Well watch our hot cheerleader take a seat on the bench with the guy standing up in front and see her whipping out that nice and big cock of his. Watch her working it passionately with her juicy and luscious lips and see her take his first load in her mouth. Then she gets to take that cock anally from behind too and loves every moment of the whole thing. Have fun with her and come back soon for another scene!

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Interracial Cartoons

Another fresh week and time yet again to enjoy more john interracial fucking action as always. As you know, this site is the best place to visit if you want to see the works off great artists like The Pit, which has some nice long running series, featuring all kinds of babes in interracial action, both black on white and white on black with sexy women enjoying monster dicks every week, and many many others. Anyway, today let’s sit back and watch as another slutty blonde housewife gets her big black cock fantasy satisfied and you will get to watch another black stud plowing some mighty fine pussy with his thick meat today!

It seems that the babe’s husband is away on business and she’s all alone. Well she went down to the club and it seems that the cutie easily found herself a replacement. This guy wasn’t about to pass up the chance to plow such a beautiful blonde MILF for the night, that’s for sure. So when they got back to her place, they started right away with the nasty fun session. See her sucking and slurping on that cock to extra lube it for her ass first as she just adores anal fucking too. Take your time to see her fucked hard style all over her room today and enjoy the view of this gorgeous and sexy scene here today. We’ll see you soon with more and in the meantime you can check out the past scenes as well!

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John Persons – Taboo Cartoons

Hey there guys and gals and welcome to a new interracial fuck fest here at www johnpersons com today. Let’s get this show started without delay as you are about to watch miss Jenny in action yet again and if you’ve caught her last issues you know what to expect. If not, no worries, because you will learn pretty quickly what this busty blonde MILF with blue eyes is all about and we bet you’ll love it. So let’s sit back and enjoy this once again as you get to see Jenny in the middle of a black group fucking with nice and big cocks prodding her from every angle. We can guarantee that you will just adore what we have to show off to you this afternoon!

Once more her office gets to be the spot where everything goes down and the guys are very happy to have the one and only miss Jenny whip out their cocks. She starts off with a triple blowjob naturally, but since she’s getting dripping wet herself, she starts to ride one of the cocks with her tight ass. And while she does that, she keeps on sucking the other two off too. You will get to see the guys take their turns on her ass and cunt too, but you’ll have to stick through he whole thing as well. Which is not a bad thing since we’re talking about Jenny fucking hard here. Anyway, have fun and see you next week with another new update.


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Interracial Comics

Welcome as always to johnpersons com and one more naughty and nasty image gallery, showing off more juicy and superb interracial action today here as well. This week we get to see a busty beauty with short, jet black hair and green eyes and she’s got the attention of this stud for the afternoon. Well it would be quite hard to ignore a busty woman like herself in the first place anyway, especially since she’s looking to get some cock this evening. So take your time to see this gorgeous short haired babe getting her mouth fucked by a big black cock. And yes, that’s not the only thing to get fucked in this one, so let’s just get to see the rest of this scene!


Since we mentioned that she looked super hot, we should mention this babe’s outfit as well. She was sporting agreen top with a green skirt and thigh high white socks. No bra or panties as she wanted to leave an impression of course and she did. See her grabbing that black meat firmly with both hands and see her teasing him with her expert cock sucking as she doesn’t let him cum right away. She wants his juice inside her pussy and you can then take your time to see this great babe bent over and fucked hard in the back alley for the evening. Enjoy the show and do come back again next week for another new update with another set of cartoon hotties!

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John Persons Cartoon

You guys want some more John Persons cartoon porn? well you’ve come to the right place if that’s the case for this afternoon. You get to watch some juicy and kinky action with more lovely ladies swooning over black men with big black dicks and there’s a lot to see in this scene as well. As you know, in the past we have had some more 3D scenes and we figured it was about time to get to check out another one. And of course, the two blondes here are all ready and eager to get to play with that big black dick in this scene. Let’s just get this show going and see two very sexy blonde ladies worshiping a nice and big black dick once again!

What you can expect to see here today is enough interracial content to last you for a nice and long while. The guy’s clothes practically fly off with the aid of these two, and the beggining of this whole thing is the two sluts getting down on that cock and starting to suck and slurp it with a passion to make sure that it’s standing at attention for the next bit and naturally after that, you get to watch the two blonde babes getting fucked nice and deep by this black stud. Take your time to enjoy it and do come back soon for another new content update. We’ll have some truly incredible stuff to show off to you next week as well!


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John Persons Art

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new John Persons art update. You get to see miss Jenny have her second encounter with the two black studs today and she’s just as horny as last time. That means that the guy are in for a nice show with her once more as she’s going to milk their cocks dry of jizz with her sexual skills once more. We know you guys and gals just adore the blonde MILF with long flowing hair and blue eyes and have been waiting for the next issue to check her out getting nasty. Well let’s sit back and enjoy the view of her fucked hard in another threesome this week and see her in action again. We’re sure you’ll have a good time with her update!


This time the action takes place in her office as the guys drop by for a visit and the blonde lady is superbly eager to get to have those dicks all to herself. To start off you get to see her titty fucking one guy’s massive cock, while still sucking on the other one’s. So yes, her big jugs were put to some good use this afternoon and naturally you get to see it all too. Have fun with the prelude and then watch her spreading those legs for another dicking as well. Jenny is a true expert at getting nasty with men and it’s always a treat to see her in action. We hope you have enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you soon with more!

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John Persons Porn

This week’s John Persons porn scene is surely going to impress and you get to enjoy it here exclusively. As you can see, the babe in the pink corset from some updates ago, is back and she desires more cock inside her of course. And this time she’s not alone either, as she brought along a cute blonde female friend that’s as busty as she is, but wearing coral blue clothes instead. Either way, today you get to see these two very lovely and very busty blondes fucked balls deep by a long and thick cock and enjoying every second of it. They practically worship the guy’s cock throughout their nasty fun session and you can bet that they made him work extra hard on pleasing them too!

The two blonde chicks take his dick for a nice sucking and you can see them performing quite the stunning and amazing double blowjob for him. Those tongues and juicy lips are quite skilled at pleasing man meat and it seems that the blonde in pink is the first one to bend over and take it first. See her enjoying the doggie style plowing while her friend gets to finger herself in anticipation while she watches. Rest assured that she gets to take her turn to be fucked as well before the end of this scene. Anyway, we hope that you enjoyed it and naturally we’ll have some more scenes for you to see next week too. See you all then and bye bye for now!


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John Persons Gallery

Today’s John Persons gallery of porn images suffers a bit of a change. You usually get to see some beautiful 2D art made with skill, but we wanted to see if you guys like to switch to some 3D as well. Anyway, this scene here presents to you a Christmas scene as you can see, in which miss Clause cosplayer here got just what she wanted as a gift. This sexy blonde lady wanted nothing more than two big black dicks filling her nicely this fine evening, and it seems that her gift was waiting for her as the two guys undressed. Well, take your time to watch her in some juicy threesome action today and see her riding those man meat sticks with a passion too. Let’s get the cameras rolling!


Even though her outfit was on point, she was just too eager to get to remove her panties for the guys. And as they get to play with that fine ass, tits and pussy, the babes goes ahead and blows them both, making sure their cocks are rock hard for her. Only after that do you get to watch her get truly down and dirty. Watch her moan in pleasure while she gets fucked all over the place today and enjoy the view. To finish this off nicely, the babe takes their jizz loads all over her face and big round tits too. Well either way, we’re hoping you had fun and we’re going to be returning soon with another new scene, so stay tuned for it everyone!

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John’s Porn

Hey there again everyone and as per usual welcome back. There’s some more John Person porn here to be checked out and it’s just as hot and sizzling as always. Since last week we got to see the naughty and horny hottie Kitty in some action, today it’s her mom’s turn to get wild and nasty. Check out the blonde MILF as she runs into pretty much the same guys as Kitty did and you get to see her getting right to work on those cocks without delay herself. She’s even better at pleasing cocks, so you get to watch her as she works them nicely with her juicy lips this afternoon first and foremost. Well, let’s see her suck some black meat and take those dicks for a ride today shall we?

She was still wearing her cheerleader coach uniform and she as you know, she looks simply stunning as always. Those big tits are almost bursting out of her shirt, which in turn lets you get a nice view of her cleavage. She got to put that to use this afternoon as she put their cocks between her breasts and being long enough she could suck them too at the same time. Either way, after all that oral, you can bet that miss Jenny Summers was going to take their hard and huge cocks in her ass and pussy as well. Enjoy seeing her double fucked this afternoon and do come back again soon for another new issue from your favorite porn comics. We’ll see you all then!


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John Persons Comic

Hey there guys. We’ve brought you a new John Persons comic this afternoon and you just have to check it out without delay. This week you get to see more of the busty and sexy teen Kitty with her simply stunning body as she gets to have some more interracial action, taking black cocks in her ass and cunt. Well you know how horny she gets and you also know that there’s no stopping Kitty from getting all the dick and fucking that she wants when she gets serious. Anyway, let’s take the time to see her bend over and have some more black cock plowing her pussy and ass. We can guarantee that there’s plenty of stuff to check out in this naughty and juicy scene with her!


We should also mention her slutty outfit for the afternoon too. Of course she specifically dressed like this to attract attention and she seemingly found it quite easy as well. Let’s proceed with the scene and watch her meet a nice and well endowed stud down the hall and of course he gets rock hard at the mere sight of this superb babe. Before you know it, he’s eating her out while she moans and soon she bends over begging him to stretch out her tight little ass with his massive black meat today. Have fun seeing Kitty fucked hard today and do come back again soon for more new scenes and more new issues of comics just like this one!

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Persons Comics

There are some new and hot John Person comics that you just have to check out this week and they are simply incredible. The shows that we have prepared for you are simply stunning and we know that you are eager to get to watch it unfold this afternoon too. So let’s sit back and see this issue presenting you with a blonde babe with huge tits as she gets all the black cocks that she wants this afternoon. She was the center part of a gangbang and all this interracial action made her cum repeatedly while she was plowed by the group. Well let’s get the show going as we bet you want to see her getting each and every single hole of hers filled with hard cock!

The action takes place in the barn and it seems that the babe got all these guys together herself too. She was sporting a dress with very very little lingerie underneath and you can bet your ass that as soon as the guys showed off their cocks, this busty blonde took that dress off and only kept her thigh highs and her corset, which were all pink. Anyway, see her sucking their cocks and giving titty fucks to some studs while the others get to double penetrate her pussy and fuck her nice and hard for the rest of the scene. We hope that you’ll enjoy the view and rest assured that we’ll be seeing you again really soon with all new and all fresh updates!


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