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JohnPersons – Bridal slut

Cum inside johnpersons and watch this woman running into a group of black guys on her wedding day. The great master comic book artist brings you today all of the extra sketches and works that went into that episode of the comic and they’re all here just waiting for you to take a peek at the interracial taboo that went on. In the original scenario the bride was suppose to be getting felt at the altar itself by the black guys and she would be fucked right there in front of her family, friends and spouse mercilessly and hard.

But it seems that he had a change of heart and went for a more mild approach. So yeah the slutty bride was suppose to enter the great church hall in a very attractive and sexy bridal dress and the guys were suppose to reply sly things when they see her. And just about as the ring was about to be placed on her finger, a black guy would object to the marriage by saying it and brushing his big black cock on the bride’s legs in this awesome art gallery.

And after that she’d be very intrigued, and let herself wholeheartedly to be fucked by the giant black meat rods of the guys. Because you know white sluts love big black cocks. And she would take the pounding as stated before right in front of a large audience that would have been able to see every dirty moment of her screaming in pleasure and orgasming from the thorough dicking she’d get. So without further due, we’ll just leave you to it, to enjoy what could have been the next number in this lady’s comic update. It’s still really good but we say that it’s a bit over the top.


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