John Persons Lost In The Hood

On today’s john persons lost in the hood episode we have this bubble butt blonde getting lost in a wrong part of town operate by street gangs that are bent on turning nice women into whores. She gets grabbed from the street and took into an empty warehouse where these three nasty ghetto dudes abused her tight twat in numerous positions. This experience was among the greatest of her life. Click here and enjoy more Jab Comix galleries inside. Though she looks like a modern woman that’s quite capable of making sound decisions on her own. Today she took a walk on the dangerous side of town.

So what can be said about this blonde beauty drawn by John? Well she’s really naughty sometimes and you could say that this time she was asking for it. As her skimpy tight dress was bound to attract attention. Wanted or unwanted, so watch as the black guys see her on the street and start hitting on her. Even though she dismissed them at first and kept waking the guys couldn’t just leave this hottie go get lost in this lost in the hood episode. So they tailed her for a while.

Well it didn’t take long for her to respond to them and asked them to stop following her, but the black guys weren’t listening. They were already making plans about her tight white pussy. And she could kind of hear them talking about her. And how they’d stretch her cunt and ass really good, and how deep they’d thrust their huge cocks down her throat. And in this time’s comics she will eventually be their prize for the night. Well eventually she kind of got mad and spouted one single word that black men don’t like. And you know what that is.

And at that point they quickly caught up to her and flanked from all sides. And the men were like giants compared to her perfectly fit body. So they took out their abnormally large cocks and just told her straight up front to start sucking and they’ll call it even. After a while she started to get really turned on and she literally begged them to stick their huge cocks in her tight and now wet pussy.

So without further due enjoy this comic and watch this slutty blonde sexy vixen get fucked in every way possible by three guys with big black dicks. Like always we’ll leave you to enjoy and discover just how good she got fucked. So be sure to check again this week for more from your favorite porn comics artist. He’s bound to do more great stuff and you know you want to see more. Until next time, have a great time and enjoy everyone, and see you soon.

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